Raising the Beauty Bar for Myself

I’ve made a couple rules for myself which has helped me maintain my appearance to a certain standard.

Here are some of the rules:

  1. I make sure to always wear petite-sized French acrylic nails at all times and carry glue just in case one of them pop off at anytime. It looks clean, simple, and elegant.
  2. I make sure to have an hour in the morning to get ready.
  3. I monitor what I eat and try to limit my intake of dairy and sugar because I’ve noticed it worsens my acne.
  4. I make sure I almost always wear heels at all times. No sandals. No flip flops. Just wedges or heeled boots.
  5. All the tops I wear have v-neck lines or a circular neckline to show off my neck.
  6. I limit wearing blacks and grays and try to wear colors more often.
  7. I wear clean-smelling perfumes. Nothing too heavy but nothing too light. The Body Shop has a great selection of perfumes
  8. I don’t wear foundation but because of that I have a solid skincare routine in place
  9. I try my best to not curse in front of people.
  10. I wear form-fitting clothes and a ton of a-line dresses/sweater dresses but sometimes a nice blouse and jeans with wedges works as well
  11. I keep my hair long up to my hips but I trim off the dead ends once a month.
  12. I always keep green tea mints in my bag just in case.
  13. I don’t wear much makeup. I prefer to have clear skin but I wear eyeshadow, liner, and mascara to make my eyes stand out with light lip gloss. I prefer a natural, everyday look.
  14. In the morning and evenings, I brush, floss, and spray Listerine in my mouth.

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21-yr-old non-western red pill chick trying to make it out alive in the West. Pro-life. Pro gun. I can be sweet and salty. 50s lover.

8 thoughts on “Raising the Beauty Bar for Myself”

  1. Re. Bitch vs hot and makeup: If you do it right, it’s a plus. Approachability is more about a bit of friendliness, positivity, genuine smile, and warm eye contact.
    High maintenance/psycho usually doesn’t smile, or it’s fake, and their eyes say “I’m above you” or “Somebody hurt my soul in the past and should you want to help me, I’ll blame you anyway and will never trust you.”

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    1. eh depends. If you get short fake french manicure nails they look fine. Turtlenecks can look stuffy and unless they’re tight and form fitting, I wouldn’t bother. Lip gloss doesn’t look bad. It can look trashy bit it all depends on how you style the look


  2. Some people think guys are just butthurt betas when they say “past matters”. But with experience, even if the girl is hot, fit, likes baking, fluffy dogs and talks about kids, if she ” experiements” at college…it is visible.
    I usually just let them talk on a date.
    “My ex”, ” guy friends” “friend”, ” oh she had only one guy” or “she just talks about having lots of sex” (badmouthing done wrong lol) or they say “I was up at 2AM and didn’t study”. “That baseball cap isn’t mine.”
    A girl also told everyone at the party that ” her beighbour has a huge dick”.
    Rarely smiles, if so-fake, proactively offers sleepover when drunk before even kissing, disrespect. Ok with men touching her publicly, masculine fashion – denim, leather, tries to play it nice/bad girl based on guy but fails tremendously in authenticity…these signs I spotted all in one well dressed, running/working out, beautiful “classy girl”… It’s like 90% of time you wouldn’t tell if you didn’t look for it and then BOOM. I didn’t want to admit to myself as she was insanely hot. But prevented myself from getting a quick notch and then tried dating a bit to see if I’m wrong and got all these red flags. Also, they have averse reaction to truth and to ” beta” traits – I mean those that are positive in alpha/beta combo. Like love bubble, authenticity.


  3. Absolutely, Ondrej. You can tell a girl’s partner count if you listen to her words carefully. Any man that appears in their lives aside from their family, could potentially be a red flag. My friend looks like an all around good “classy girl” is not by her actions alone. At the end of the day, femininity like masculinity is a mindset. It doesn’t matter if you wear nice wedges and dresses, that’s not simply enough.

    I think if a girl really likes a man, she’ll accept some of the beta traits which are necessary for an LTR. If she truly wants an LTR, she will open her mind to one but if she just wants an alpha man who is a good fuck, then she can get that too.


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