Signs he might be an alpha and has abundance mentality

I’ve been going on dates and I’ve been trying to figure out why I’m attracted to the men I’m attracted to. A lot of the ones I really like all have abundance mentality and have traits of an alpha. 

I could never date a beta guy who would text me 24/7 pining away from his room. I’d rather date and marry a man who could restrain himself, be masculine, and lead a relationship. 

Here are some ways I’ve been able to tell:

1. They don’t just text you. They call you. They actually want to talk to you. This can vary though with millenials.

2. For the most part, they don’t message you immediately nor do they write really long drawn out messages unless they have something really important to say or you send them long block texts. Don’t expect good morning and good evening texts from this man unless it’s something you’ve directly communicated with him. 

3. They talk about women like it’s not a big deal. They’ll tell you about “the latina girl” , “the dominican chick”, “the really pretty one they dated last year”. They go out with women and they’re not afraid to admit it.

4. They tell you pretty much anything and act like they’re an open book. One guy I dated for a while, told me that when he was younger he spent a day in jail for stealing something minor. 

5. If they want a relationship, they’ll tell you that they’re looking for one. Sometimes you need to ask but usually you don’t. They tend to make their intentions clear even though as women we don’t listen and think we can change that.

6. They work on themselves everyday whether it be going to the gym, taking a fitness class, changing up their habits, etc.

7. They know what they want in a woman and they aren’t afraid to be blunt or honest about it. One guy I dated said “the last thing I want is an instagram whore or someone who needs a lot of attention”. Another revealed to me “I don’t want a woman who nags or would throw a bachelorette party or a girl who would have sex with a black man”. Sounds racist but he is able to speak his mind without restraint.

8. His instagram featured girls complimenting his pictures. 

9. He has some friends who are girls and is okay about it. 

10. He checks out girls in front of you and sometimes it can be a shit test to see if you’re the jealous type. 

11. He may or may not have a crass sense of humor which he uses. One guy joked with me “oh Im dating one of the strippers” he mentioned earlier in the conversation even though he was obviously joking. 


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21-yr-old non-western red pill chick trying to make it out alive in the West. Pro-life. Pro gun. I can be sweet and salty. 50s lover.

One thought on “Signs he might be an alpha and has abundance mentality”

  1. Good list. Not sure about 3 and 10. 3. can just be a poor jealousy plotline which surprisingly many girls fall for. My friend tells stories like this, about a girl that fell from the bed etc, shows girls pics of other girls etc. It’s kinda true, he’s good, but the intent is obvious. Make her jealous and competitive. This friend also avoids girls in his closer social circle because of bad reputation…

    10. I personally hate when a girl gives signals to other men in my presence, it’s dealbraker when repeated. As you say, often a shit test. But a “jealous type”? Idk, I’d say it’s pretty natural reaction if you’re dating exclusively.

    So all other are pretty much net positive traits, these two may mean manipulation/lack of respect if you’re “serious”. Those really good never shout “Look how good I am.”


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