The Woman I want to be

I want to be a woman who wants a big family, has a dog, loves her kids, has multiple kids, makes her husband happy, is a good cook, is feminine, wears nice dresses, is pretty, is well cultured, loves her family, can appreciate art, is smart, invested in her career but thinks family and God comes first, had long, brown hair, has clear skin, is good at making steak, lights up a room, is fit and healthy, has a successful makeup/fitness blog, takes her little babies to yoga, goes out to brunch with her friends, has deep conversations with her husband, is well-off, lights up a room, wears long dresses that fit well, has a nice collection of heels, has multiple sons and daughters, goes out hiking with her husband, makes her daughters wear cute dresses and braids their hair, fences with her son, looks good in florals, has a nice smile, drinks a lot of water every day, wears pretty dresses on her way to the bookstore, has two dogs named pita and hummus, looks good in pictures, doesn’t curse, is good at eye makeup, loves her parents, and is funny. 


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21-yr-old non-western red pill chick trying to make it out alive in the West. Pro-life. Pro gun. I can be sweet and salty. 50s lover.

9 thoughts on “The Woman I want to be”

  1. I recently tried to just do the keystone habits that lead to other habits unconsciously. For me, these are working out (and then making better food choices, better sleep, less stress etc.), 1 approach/date a day (so I actually get girls in my life, and the interactions develop further pretty much on their own if there’s mutual interest, or not, and I can be more impatient/filter more where there’s not compatibility), studying. We greatly overestimate what we’re capable of.
    I propose your habits could be working out and looking great, (maybe a morning bodyweight training routine, then makeup etc.) 1 hobby a day (some could be those where you can meet a suitable man, other could be cooking, some would be friends meetings etc.), work.
    Also, I don’t wanna impose any training routine, but good sources are Al Kavadlo’s Pushing the Limits for no-equipment simple bodyweight stuff, for more advanced – if you were so inclined, I don’t think it’s necessary – Bret Contreras and his Strong Curves which is tailored to ladies, or stuff by Nia Shanks. Most of the books you can probably “find” on the internet.


  2. That’s all do-able 🙂 You’ll meet a lot of resistance when you start having kids, from other moms. There is a culture of slovenliness that surrounds motherhood right now and other women will want you to descend into yoga pants and ponytails with them. Don’t let them scare you or discourage you. Your goals are mostly healthy and attainable as long as you keep challenging yourself and forming relationships with other girls who share your goals and values.

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  3. Exactly what LeeLee said… it is strange how motherhood seems to create slovenly women – I think it all comes down to how much you gain during pregnancy. I used to be so afraid of losing control of my weight after pregnancy, but after having two kids, I’ve found it really is easy if you’re just mindful about it (and not overly mindful even, just normal paying attention to not over-eating during pregnancy is enough). I had no reason at all to be afraid of it! So don’t stress, you have wonderful, beautiful goals, and you’re so young and well ahead of girls your age!

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    1. Yeah I definitely agree about how slovenly we’ve become. There’s nothing wrong w/ having high standards and we can look good in yoga pants haha.

      Aww yeah I am kinda afraid of not being attractive as I age and getting pregnant but thank you for telling me about your experience.

      Thanks so much! I appreciate it and I wish you the best on your journey!


      1. Merry Christmas! It makes me excited when I see other young women are learning these things. Men are easy to please, and don’t let the harsh negativity affect you (from the red pill world). Most of the men with the anger are extremely upset that they didn’t marry a woman who had goals that you’re discovering, and they reaped the horrendous consequences of it. It wasn’t wholly their fault, but they were lied to as well, in terms of what matters in a woman. Many feel let down that they didn’t find a wife that was more suitable to actually being a wife.

        Look forward to reading more of your blog!


      2. Merry christmas!! Thanks I’ve been looking through your blog and I love learning from women who have been through it all.

        Yeah, I try to stay away from the Manosphere. There’s lots of negativity but you’re absolutely right. It’s sad that many of them got divorce raped or ended up marrying a disloyal woman.

        Thanks for subscribing 🙂


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