Masculinity has taken over women’s fashion

I used to shop at stores like Forever 21 and H&M but I slowly began to realize that I didn’t really like most of the things they carried. I wanted to be feminine and wear girly clothes that were pretty and flattered me. I didn’t want to look like a man.

The last time I walked into a Forever 21, I was horrified by the weird camo-print military jackets, combat boots, leather jackets, denim dresses, and hideous crop tops that were available. I had not been to a Forever 21 in six months and I felt like I didn’t even belong there. I almost felt like I was shopping at a man’s store because I could see men wearing flannel, aspiring to look either like a lumberjack or a soldier. None of the  clothes felt particularly feminine.

Most of the clothes was not pretty. It seemed like F21 wanted to appease to the military, bohemian, and rocker chic trends none of which were particularly girly.

Here are some examples of which outfits I don’t think are particularly feminine.


It’s baggy, ill-fitted, and the girl in the picture isn’t even smiling.


Although this is fitted and many people in the fashion world think that this is fashion forward, the girl looks like she’ll beat the crap out of you if you talk to her and doesn’t seem approachable. Why would a guy date her?


This girl doesn’t look particularly happy either. I don’t really understand bohemian fashion but this top is hideous and unflattering. Also, the skirt is too short and barely covers her.


This outfit is hideous but her culottes (pants) are trendy. Her entire outfit is not feminine at all. Her shoes are horrendous. I like that they are heels but they are ugly. The makeup makes her look gothic and dead. The sunglasses make her look unapproachable.

But, even at Forever 21, although it is easy to look like a man, I do think that they have some cheap clothes that can make a girl still look feminine. It is becoming harder and harder to look feminine though.

Here are some outfits I wouldn’t necessarily buy because of the poor quality, but still  like.


This outfit is cute and feminine. It’s a nice dress that isn’t too revealing.


I like this dress too although I wish it was slightly longer but you get the point.


The top is hideous but the midi length skirt is cute and a-line accentuating  her hips/waist.


This trench is nice too  because it seems to fit well.

A year ago, when I started this journey I wish I knew the difference between what feminine and masculine clothes looked like. After selling my old wardrobe on Poshmark which was filled with terrible jumpsuits, short skirts, and unflattering grungy crop tops, I made $600 to buy better stuff from sites like Ann Taylor, Hazel and Olive, Pink Lily, Modern Vintage, 6pm, and local department stores (TJMaxx, Marshall’s, some stuff from Macy’s and Nordstrom).

Dressing femininely and looking feminine is not enough to be a good woman but it sure is the first step to becoming one.



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21-yr-old non-western red pill chick trying to make it out alive in the West.

7 thoughts on “Masculinity has taken over women’s fashion”

  1. Is the style like pic no.2 etc. somehow forced on women these days? A super hot girl I know wears this, rarely smiles, recently slightly shortened her hair, wears sunglasses etc…terrible waste of potential, especially considering she sometimes acts out to appear tough and rarely smiles. Probably bad advice by her girl-friends combined with bad experiences with men = outer shield like this. Unapproachable to men outside social circle imo. Her level of vulnerability is also very low, which makes seduction hip-hop battle of insults. And her mood goes from barking pitbull to decent and back to pitbull. Awful. I guess the men who still stay interested because they want the sex/are pushovers with no boundaries are actually just reinforcing the “all men are either cheaters or not manly” story in her head. Hard to imagine any recovery, really.

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    1. Yeah. A lot of girls wear leather jackets even the attractive ones. Heck, I used to wear one and had no idea how masculine it was until I realized the guy at the time I was dating was wearing one just like it.

      That’s sad. Being vulnerable, friendly, approachable is definitely hard for a lot of ppl my age. a lot of girls like to fall into the tough, bad bitch persona.

      I wish the best for your friend.


  2. i just found your blog!! i’ve been following redpillwomen on reddit for about 8 months now and it’s so nice to read a rpw friendly blog of someone around my age!! (i’m 20!). i want more feminine clothing in my wardrobe for sure and i liked some dresses you showed! :DD KEEP IT UP!!!!

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    1. hello jen! thanks for finding it – i used to be on the reddit page but stop following it.

      thanks for following and lemme know if you have any advice for ppl our age, lemme know!


  3. the first four i think, if you style then right, then it would look very nice. Like that bohemian look, its clear that top does not go with that skirt at all plus it does not look good on her body type.

    when it comes to fashion several factors need to be address and one of them is body type. Every woman does not have the same body type and so every style is not gonna fit every person. So women need to learn their body type and how to dress according to that because many of these styles may look cute but will not flatter you at all.


    1. It’s not about styling. It’s baggy. It’s oversized. It’s masculine and therefore, no guy would find that attractive because it doesn’t look flattering. Sure it might be stylish according to us but it’s not something you would wear to impress a guy, nor does it come off as feminine.


      1. not all those clothes are baggy and yes learning to style items properly does help. So people are paid to style others, they can see what we dont. Picture number four with the sorta goth chick, take whole outfit apart and style each piece with something else, you can make it feminine. Those pants would work better on a curvier female.


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