Why I’m Learning Russian


I’ve been going back and forth about which language I wanna self-learn. I took Italian for four years ,  Spanish for two years, and French for another two but I’m kinda sick of learning romance languages. French, Spanish, and Italian all started to sound the same so I’ve decided to learn Russian.

I thought about learning German and even though I love Germany, I’ve stuck with Russian for a number of reasons.

Here is why I’m learning Russian and not German:


Politics – Politically speaking, Russia is more badass atleast for now. While Germany is taking Syrian “refugees” or rather migrants in by the hordes, Russia is doing air strikes on Syria and protecting itself from ISIS. I really hate how Germany is kowtowing to the Syrian refugees and since I live in America, I’m glad that there is another Western country who is taking a stance and doing something about this issue. If anything, America needs to join Russia to kill ISIS.


Putin – In American media, he is made fun of for riding horses shirtless and truth be told, most Americans think Putin is pretty shady. I actually really admire the guy because he tells the truth like it is and he seems honest. He manages to be super alpha and respected without always seeming like a stoic douchecanoe. I feel like he tells it like  it is and his honesty is refreshing. Just look at how he laughs at this journalist (YouTube)


Feminine Women – I’ve definitely been trying to become more feminine and in high school I was your  typical American teenager. I wore black all the time, cursed at my parents, was rude, and didn’t really give a f–k about anyone or anything. Even when I came to college and became more feminine in appearance, I still acted pretty masculine because I didn’t really respect men how I should, cursed, drank alcohol, only hung out with “bad boys” and made sure of that and partied like a guy. Russian women on average hate feminism and think it’s dumb. They also dress better on average than your typical American. I feel like Americans dress for comfort but Russians dress to impress and aren’t afraid to. I remember in my high school, most girls wore North Face jackets, Juicy Couture sweats, and Uggs. In Russia, girls wear more dresses and heels more. I like that a lot  and have incorporated that into my style.


The Use of the Language – I’m not sure if I’ll end up getting a job in the government or end up doing research abroad but Russian is more employable than German.


The Culture – I’m not white and I used to believed the liberal lie that the West had no culture. That’s not true at all. I love learning about Russian traditions, their clothes, and the Russian Orthodox church.


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21-yr-old non-western red pill chick trying to make it out alive in the West. Pro-life. Pro gun. I can be sweet and salty. 50s lover.

2 thoughts on “Why I’m Learning Russian”

  1. I agree with your article completely. I have been studying Russian for many years, and I always get tired of people demonizing Putin in the news. You should google “Stephen Cohen the nation”. He has a lot of good articles about US-Russian relations. He has a PhD in Russian history, and evaluates Russia and Putin fairly, and doesn’t jump to conclusions like a lot of people in Western Media do. I actually wrote a research paper on the matter if anybody would like to see it sometime.


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