What it Means to be a Red Pill Girly


When I first created by blog, a lot of guys on the Manosphere accused me of being fake or having a Twitter page run by Matt Forney. At the time, I didn’t even know who Matt was and I definitely did not want to be accused for being fake.


Being a red pill girl when the red pill was basically designed for and by Western men struggling to cope with Western women is weird especially when you’re an American girly who doesn’t really agree with being stereotyped with most other American women. It’s kind of like being a magical unicorn especially when most red pill guys think Western women are all entitled crazy feminists who hate to cook or maintain any aspect of their femininity.


That being said, I don’t plan on invading the Manosphere because I do respect the Manosphere for what it is: a plan run by, governed by, and made for men. I don’t think the Manosphere is meant for women and women shouldn’t waste their time reading it since it’s the only place on the Internet for men to talk about men and getting whatever they  want from women. I don’t really even read Manosphere blogs because reading how men get girls is pretty pointless. The only thing I can do is avoid PUAs and focus on myself and ultimate goal of marriage.

I first got into the Manosphere because I had a Bodyspace account on bodybuilding.com. I wanted to get into fitness even though I was young and I knew a girl in my high school who was an IFBB Pro.


I just like tons of other people would surf these forums just for fun and I got exposed to what guys really think. I loved looking up what guys thought of Turkish girls and Muslim women. It was hilarious looking up memes of “Dem feet”. I liked the honesty but at times the honesty was too much. I mean, did guys really think Muslim girls smelled like kabobs? Seriously? Or that all Muslims girls were really hoes underneath it all?


I also secretly loved reading the forums about guys ranking girls. I mean, I was 17-years-old and I kind of wanted to compare myself to these girls because I wanted to know where I stood on the scale of 1 to 10. It was kinda nice to have this scale and looking good began to matter when I was 18 and in college.

This is one of funniest charts I love using to rank people: pictorialscale

Personally, I wish more of my audience included more women and not men even though I’m thankful to all my male readers.

I don’t write article about maintaining my skin for men. I also don’t write articles about how I messed up with alpha guys for men either; in fact, I write it for women who are probably struggling with their inner hamster and are dealing with similar things that I’m going through. The background of my page isn’t pink to seduce men but rather to make it more female friendly.

Being a red pill girly means a lot of things to me and to all my female readers on the road to self-improvement, I hope to cultivate a community of female readers.

Here’s what I think it means to be a red pill girly in today’s society:

1.Someone who strives to work on herself everyday to improve and become a better, more attractive, more moral person. Yes, you too can be as hot as one of these girls and be a nice person. kumho-girls-2

2. Someone who understands that women and men have different timelines for when their SMV is going to peak and when it will stop peaking and wants to take advantage of this by getting married early. There’s obviously exceptions to this but generally, women peak earlier in their SMV and men peak later

yy58mx33. Someone who understands why it is important for men to be masculine and for women to be feminine.


4. Someone who understands what femininity is and what masculinity is. Cosplay femininity is not good. Femininity and masculinity are mindsets and take a while to achieve and understand. Tempest wrote a great article about it

5. Someone who understands that men and women are not equal because they are meant to complement each other in what they do

6. Someone who realizes that feeling entitled, being bitchy, spending lots of time on social media, and not having real hobbies is not the way to treat a man or be a decent, respectable woman


7. Someone who embraces the fact that a man will not stay with you for your career but will enjoy you because you’re nice to him, you are feminine in nature, you make him feel good, you’re good in bed, you’re attractive, and you’re a good cook.

8. Someone who values their future and has an end goal of getting married to the highest quality man possible.


9. Someone who actually loves men and doing things to keep him happy even if what you think makes him happy don’t necessarily align with things that do make him happy.


10. Someone who takes accountability for her bullshit in her life and all the bad decisions she has made with men so you don’t end up looking as damaged as Miley.


11. Someone who wants a man to lead the relationship so she can follow him. This doesn’t mean the girl is a doormat but she wants the man to have the upper hand in the relationship.



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21-yr-old non-western red pill chick trying to make it out alive in the West.

11 thoughts on “What it Means to be a Red Pill Girly”

  1. On 3, 4, 5, I think the one pitfall of acknowledging masculinity and femininity as core to healthy sexual dynamics is “cornering”. In the red corner we have the male, in the blue corner we have the female and neither wants to leave their masculine/feminine seat to greet each other in the middle. Acknowledging our tempers, needs and motivations is only half the battle. We also need to enhance our most attractively feminine characteristics (keeping chirpy and happy when he needs to be propped up) whilst slightly masculinizing our most unattractively feminine characteristics (knowing when to shut up and communicate more directly), so as to meet our partner halfway.
    For example, the female Tempest references was going about it all the wrong way. She’s entering a competitive market by dressing as something she is not whilst keeping her main attitude. She looks nice, communicates poorly and probably resents every man who enjoys her “new look”. And that will show. In reality, more men would probably want her as a stubborn, competitive, foul-mouthed tomboy who in his presence listens, smiles, puts her phone down and offers him some help however she can. Respect and affection are far more important than superficial courtesy and long hair.

    On 9, back to the same principle. A man appreciates your gestures as much as your successes. Jon knows I’m not the girliest. He also sort of likes the muddy-booted, ruffle-haired, weight-lifting girl in his t-shirt watching him play videogames. But when I put on a necklace he got me, wear a flowery blouse or girly underwear, he gets happy and excited. Because even if I’m not great at it and even if it isn’t of paramount importance to him, I’m still trying for him.
    The take-away advice?
    Be polite to him, even if he doesn’t mind your swearing.
    Cook for him, even if you burn things and are still working out spices.
    Watch a show with him, even if you’re not into it.
    Get him cufflinks, even if you’re not sure he will use them.
    Put on pink panties, even if you don’t care either way.
    Bit by bit you’ll get better at these things and work out what he wants and what he doesn’t want from you. But making the effort and failing is far more beautiful in his eyes than not trying at all.


  2. Solid effort. I don’t even know who is a red pill guy;-) I believe a built guy in smart casual clothes with authentic game working a traditional high status job and eating a balanced diet or counting macros if desired is better than travelling online nomad with generic bad boy fashion and skme game system doing intermittent fasting and cold showers. I’d say manosphere is good as a set of principles but for the specifics of each self-development area it’s better to dig a little deeper.


    1. Thanks. I think a red pill guy is complementary to a red pill girl and works on self improving every aspect of his life to fix his mindset so that he can eventually achieve what he wants out of women whether it means having tons of plates to lots of ONSs to getting married.

      I think the manosphere is a great starting point to discuss all this stuff but I agree with you!


  3. You have mostly male readers because barely any girls are buying into this red pill nonsense. The fraction of people that know and employ red pill theory into their relationships vs the number of successful relationships in the world is insignificant. I come across this red pill ideology and I can’t believe that men would say all these degrading things about women. But when women also defend these claims ?! Drives me crazy. For a relationship to work you just need two people that love each other and are willing on compromising and improving themselves everyday. That’s not red pill it’s just straight up common sense. I’m a feminist because my grandmothers both went through loads of domestic abuse in their lives, mainly because they had no education and were completely financially dependent on my grandfathers. Sure the family was intact. There was a mother and a father present. But these women were abused. And we all know that ppl of higher authority abuse their power. So you really want to go back to these times ? When women had no say and catered 100% to their husbands no matter what ? That’s insane to me. I’ve read your Twitter and it sounds like you need to stop being so damn desperate. You’re young as fuck and you’re going to regret trying to actively find a husband when he’s just going to cheat on you in your 40s when your smv drops all the way down and he’s fucking some 20 yr old. That’s what red pill would say anyway. Good luck in life and focus on yourself and your education.


    1. Thats not true at all. My female readership is rising and tons of girls don’t know about the red pill because they already have abundance mentality and most girls have more options than guys when it comes to dating. Also w/ the rise of feminism, most girls can easily have their needs filled at the click of a button whereas guys can’t unless they have game.

      Red pill isn’t nonsense. It’s truths. The relationships around you didn’t just survive just because people fell in love. They survived for particular reasons.

      Red pill isn’t about degrading women. It’s about understanding the true nature of men and women and why we act the way we act. Lots of manosphere blogs are critical of women but think about it: it’s the only place where men can vent about women without any judgment.

      Even in the 1950s, women could get jobs but they knew their families and husbands came first. It’s unfortunate that women in your family were “abused” but I highly doubt it could have been that bad if they stayed together.

      Anyway, I have no problem with women getting an education or having hobbies but a woman’s main happiness in life will come from making a man happy and not just doing her own thing. Abuse in any relationship is wrong and is not promoted by TRP but we do have an understanding of why when women are deferent to men and men lead the relationship, it survives. Men were born to lead. Women were born to follow. Men and women are not equal but serve complimentary roles.

      I’m not desperate. I have options but I do want to settle down. That’s not being desperate. That’s being wise and taking advantage of your youth.

      Lol my husband wouldn’t cheat on me if I did all the right things and made him happy. Men are easy to please. Red pill doesn’t say men will cheat just because. It happens when a women is not feminine and stops catering to her man’s needs which makes sense.

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  4. Even if you do all the right things, your husband might cheat on you. Some people are just cheaters. It’s what they do, and there isn’t anything anyone can do to keep those people faithful.

    Then there are the guys who think it’s fine to cheat as long as they keep it secret so you don’t get mad or break up/divorce them…


    1. Men don’t cheat on women just because they wanna cheat. Atleast a majority of men don’t do that. There’s a reason for everything and for the most part if women and men act like they’re supposed to, cheating/divorce would decrease.


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