Maneuvering the Manosphere and other Misconceptions


If you’re a girl and somehow you’ve gotten to this part of the Internet for whatever reason, I’m glad you’re here.

That being said, I don’t think that girls should read the Manosphere. The Manosphere is meant for men.

That being said, you’re probably gonna wanna read the Manosphere especially since people tend to do things when they’re told specifically not to do them. It’s basic human psychology 101.

But, before you go kill your mood and read blogs about how much women suck, just remember these few things:

Put things in perspective – Not all men hate you or hate all women. Women are not bad. Women are and can be awesome. Women can also suck, divorce rape her husband, and then get tons of alimony. The Manosphere is written for and by Western men who are struggling with women. They wouldn’t be on the fringe of the Internet if they didn’t or do not have women problems. Also, the Manosphere is a minority of men who’ve had tons of crappy experiences with women that could be caused by a 1000 different reasons. You’ll never know the full story but it’s not always the woman’s fault even though the Manosphere will tell you otherwise.

The struggle is real

Do not take everything you read at face value – There are tons of field reports out there on PUA forums and on Reddit and not all of them will be true nor should they be taken seriously. You will go nuts and lose your self esteem if you do. I used to think I was fucked for not being a Colombian or Russian girl. Although I’ll admit that Colombian and Russian girls are pretty, I can also know several in real life who these Manosphere guys would not want to date. So, stop worrying about it!


She is a hot Colombiana but I wouldn’t bring her home to Mom? 

Take what you can from it – The good thing about reading Red Pill theories is that even though you can learn a lot from them, they aren’t 100% proven true and won’t be. You’ll definitely see tons of examples in your life where they play out, but you’ll see some where RP theory doesn’t work. Take what you can from it. For example, there’s this  idea of “The wall”. Now, I’m 20 but I’m going to be 25 in a couple years. There are tons of guys on the Manosphere who think that women are useless after 25. Granted, I don’t agree with that even though I wanna be married young. Even if a woman waits till she’s 25, she’ll still have options although there will most likely be less options and there might even be worse options but like anything in life, who knows? Sofia Vergara found her Joe Manganiello at 43. I’m not saying wait till you’re 43 because that’s stupid, but life will not always be ideal and things happen. If you take care of yourself and don’t make stupid decisions, things will work out.

LOL Sofia is so hideous and post-wall….

Remember that the Manosphere is written for a white, male audience – There’s a reason why non-Western cultures don’t have an equivalent for the Manosphere – it’s because they don’t need this stuff. Outside the West, feminism is considered stupid and most societies around the world are patriarchal. A year ago, I used to think that all guys would think like these Manosphere guys but really they’re a minority of men. That doesn’t mean you should go sleep around, be a hoe, and upload 1000 selfies onto Facebook because no guy from any background will appreciate that. That being said, there’s a ton of stupid, ignorant articles that are written on there that have no basis like this one. Just because one guy wrote a stupid clickbait article on why you shouldn’t date an entire race of people, doesn’t make it true. Conversely, just because one guy wrote a stupid clickbait article on why you should only date Colombians and Russians doesn’t make that true either.

Matt Forney wouldn’t date her because she’s Indian and she probs smells like curry LOL

The Manosphere is changing – When I found the Manosphere, there were tons of PUA blogs that were popular but I do think the Manosphere is changing. Of course, it’s still gonna be a place where guys talk about it when women are ruining their lives (as they absolutely should) but things are lightening up for these men. Many men like Cernovich are getting married (YES, MARRIED!) and there are guys who are admitting to the fact that they’d rather be in a long-term relationship instead of having tons of chicks around that they’d bone on Twitter.

I think he’s onto something….

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21-yr-old non-western red pill chick trying to make it out alive in the West.

One thought on “Maneuvering the Manosphere and other Misconceptions”

  1. That being said, I don’t think that girls should read the Manosphere. The Manosphere is meant for men.

    Correct. The writers are mostly male, the readership is mostly male, and the intended audience is male. Furthermore, male and female styles of communication are quite different. So miscommunication is to be expected (if not the norm) for those women who do come across it. Further, the subject matter rarely directly benefits women. So there is little to gain from most ‘sphere sites.

    As for most of your points, they apply generally. It is always important to keep perspective, and the internet is full of rubbish, so caution is always advised. As for this…

    Remember that the Manosphere is written for a white, male audience.

    Not exactly. While many of the writers are white males, not all are. And not all are writing to that kind of audience. In addition, more non-white writers and readers are showing up daily (no doubt a product of the spread of feminism). Finally, keep in mind that many non-white folks with similar leanings may not be writing in English. So they may be saying similar things, but don’t show up as part of the ‘sphere.


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