Overestimating the Value of Makeup Has on a Girl’s SMV

I’ve been spending the last few days watching makeup videos and I can’t really help but notice how different some of these makeup gurus look without makeup and afterwards.

Most women look like the one on the left and become transformed. 

This example, to me is pretty normal transformation. I know tons of girls at my university who go from having relatively clear skin and look like the latter afterwards.

But, I still think makeup should be used to enhance and not so much to coverup huge imperfections like large acne scars and areas of bad skin. Treating acne is definitely frustrating but makeup is a quick fix to a long-term problem. Realistically, it took me about 3 months to get rid of any former acne I had and another 3 to get rid of the hyperpigmentation left over from the old acne.

This is not good for your skin & is not what makeup should be used for

Personally, I don’t wear much makeup. I haven’t ever worn foundation and I usually just wear mascara, liquid eyeliner, and a clear/neutral lip gloss. I like to look clean cut and fresh faced by having clear skin. I’d even say that I don’t look that much different when I wear makeup compared to when I don’t.

But, after wearing foundation, I still feel like without makeup, I look “dead” because foundation can achieve something I cannot – perfection.

After trying on some Clinique Even Better foundation, even though I have clear skin and have an extensive skin care routine, if I look upclose, I have some redness underneath my nose, light discoloration under my eyes that can all be corrected. My skin is by no means perfect even though I take pretty good care of it and get compliments on how glowy and soft it is!

This got me thinking about men on the Manosphere who always complain about how girls go from looking like they’re not so hot to actually looking pretty good.


“Wow I can’t believe all the VS models I know don’t look anything like they do on the runway URGHHHHHHHHH” 

Now, granted looks can be deceiving but that being said, it’s fair game for a girl to use makeup to enhance her natural beauty for a lot of reasons.

First of all, most girls I know in America wear barely any makeup if at all on a regular basis so if you’re a girl wearing some makeup to enhance her beauty, you’re probably ahead of the bell curve. Most girls at my college get ready pretty quickly before class and wouldn’t even bother to do anything more than wash their face and put on their clothes before class.

Secondly, if your skin looks bad, your makeup is gonna look bad too. If she has tons of acne, more likely than not, unless she’s a professional MUA working for MAC cosmetics, her makeup is gonna look cakey and gross. It’s really not that hard to tell if a girl is wearing makeup or not up close.

Her makeup doesn’t look well blended

Third of all, you actually need to be good at makeup for your makeup to look good. You need to know what brands and colors will look good on your skin type. You also need to know what brushes are used to apply which product.Makeup is an art and an important part of self-care. If a girl has not invested time into her makeup, she can look trashy and worse with it moreso than without it. 

I’m pretty sure most guys reading this blog wouldn’t wanna date her

Finally, makeup is only one part of and should only be one part of a girl’s self-care routine. I, for example, use a retinoid, an AHA, Aczone, and moisturizer along with a separate eye cream to keep my skin clear along with a diet low in sugar and dairy. And I hydrate a ton and exercise 5 days a week. Makeup really is just about making an enhancement to your appearance, not transforming yourself as a human being.

She seems like wife material. 10/10 would recommend. 

That being said, I really do think that guys on the Manosphere overestimate the importance of makeup has on a woman’s SMV or sexual market value because the makeup comes off at the end of the day. Also, makeup can’t cover up her fat rolls. It also can’t keep her healthy and does not make her an interesting or even better person.

A fat girl with makeup is still a fat girl! 

So for all the whining that goes on about women wearing makeup, I do have a couple things to say:

  1. Accept the fact that almost every girl  you’ll find attractive is wearing something on her face to enhance her beauty.
  2. Accept the fact that makeup that girls wear looks “natural” even though girls don’t wake up looking like that.
This girl is still wearing makeup even though it doesn’t look like she is. Her hair is curled, she has a lip stick on, a foundation, some eyeshadow and mascara, and her brows are probably filled in. This is what “natural” makeup looks like. 

3. Makeup has as much value as you assign it to. If she’s goes from being an HB 5 to an HB 8 with makeup alone, you’re overestimating the value it has. Although her face might look more attractive, it still won’t change her personality, her dateability, or your desire to marry her even though she looks slightly better. Marrying someone solely on looks is pure stupidity and I’d even say dating is as well.

4. Men do have male equivalents to makeup. Dressing well, having a good haircut, smelling good with cologne, and maybe even accessorizing with a watch are all equivalents. Steroids might also be an equivalent but they have greater health risks and are not as readily available.Heck, I’d even say getting a dog can make a man more approachable and probably get more numbers from girls. 

5. Accept that makeup is expensive. If you’re going drugstore, foundation is $10-$15, eyeshadows or palettes are $10-20, fake nails costs $6 for a pack and IDK how much a year, blush is another $10, a set of brushes can cost $10-20, lipsticks cost $5-$8 each, lip glosses cost another $5-$10, bronzers and concealers are probably another $10-$15. If you want the good stuff like from MAC, NARS, Clinique, etc., a girl can easily spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on this stuff.

Adriana still looks good without makeup 🙂



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