The men I would never date

I was thinking about this the other day and I figured I’d write a blog post on men I would never invest any time in from now onward.

Oh how I’ve learned so much…..



I’ve come to terms somewhat with the fact that my future husband is probably not going to be a virgin like me but I also don’t want him to be a degenerate. For me, personally and mentally, I don’t think I can be with someone who has been with more than 5 girls. Don’t ask me why the number is 5 but I think anything more just doesn’t sit well with me.

Military men


I don’t bother with them if they’re enlisted because they usually tend to be young and either fall into two categories: have no experience and seeking to a gain a ton or douchey manwhores who think can save the world from World War 3. I respect men who decide to go down this track. My grandfather was a military general but I would never waste time with someone who is actively enlisted in the military because they are going to leave and their lives are unexpected. They don’t have true control over their lives and they usually are very stressed out. Most of the time, the military men I’ve dated wanted sex and had multiple apps like Tinder and okCupid on their phones.

A man without God


I believe in God and my value system is shaped by my religion. Most American men I’ve met are secular and have no faith. They also tend to be less grounded, lack a sense of purpose and tend to be more cynical. I don’t think I can raise my future kids as an Agnostic or Atheist. God matters. He helps us everyday.

Vain men


I wouldn’t date a model or a bodybuilder or really anyone who has a huge Instagram following. I don’t really use social media much and I wouldn’t want him to either unless it was to promote a good cause. I dated a Portuguese bodybuilder for a while and he was very selfish and more preoccupied about his looks than I am with my own. Next.

Arrogant men


There is nothing wrong with being proud of your achievements but I could never marry a guy who expected a supermodel just because he is a doctor. We ALL need to humble ourselves and our expectations of eachother.

A man without the goal of marriage 


People always laugh at me when I tell them that I ask guys on the first date what they want. Most people especially in America think dating is a joke and is therefore, not taken seriously. It isn’t a gateway for marriage because there’s no expectation anymore to marry. This is why I tell men that I’m looking for a relationship leading to something serious. Some guys might think that’s weird and I’ve gotten a lot of guys not be on the same page but atleast I’m honest with my intentions.

A man who does not lead an active life


My future husband doesn’t need to have a 6 pack or be a bodybuilder (or anything close to that even) but he should want to lead an active life because I’m a fencer and I love sports. I did track in high school and I want my kids to be athletic. Also, I want to travel to cool places like the Himalayas and parts of South Africa with my future bebes. It would be really great for me and the kids if we could run marathons together and help raise our kids to be competitive athletes!


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21-yr-old non-western red pill chick trying to make it out alive in the West. Pro-life. Pro gun. I can be sweet and salty. 50s lover.

8 thoughts on “The men I would never date”

  1. Pretty much agree with every type but think a bit deeper about the without religion type man. You leave a lot of fantastic men with that criteria. They can still be spiritual without religion. But . Ball in your court.

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    1. Nah, I want a man of God! In my experiences, I have never met a spiritual man without a religion. Not to say they were bad but just that we didn’t have a lot in common when it came to things dealing w/ morality


  2. Wait..I’m a doctor and I expect a supermodel! Now! My friend Pavel is national team member and was 2nd in fencing world cup so maybe he can teach me a move or two;-) Interesting view on manwhores. I thought it was a plus if man had this sort of mystery and “success” but maybe some women are closer to male thinking in this. Honestly most of my encounters didn’t reach sex as well and it was often my initiative. I rejected girls with boyfriends ready to cheat, drunk girls, low self esteem girls, girls who took too much initiative etc. It there’s a disrespect to me or her man or herself it’s a no-no. I thought of it as mental barrier and problem of mine but it’s just a boundary. Still it seems many girls love when their man is desired. But I agree, in retrospect, good girls care way less, or not at all, while party girls even demand evidence and want to hear cheesy “cleverly nonchalant”stories of you with other girls which I find weird.

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    1. I think it’s attractive and adds to a man’s smv if he is seen with hot girls and stuff but for long term things and marriage the hot guy does nothing for her needs and is a cherry on top.

      It’s important for a man to look like he can get girls and has confidence but I want a family man not a man who has been around the block.

      Same thing with men, attractiveness is nice but when settling down guys will take a 6-7 with a good personality than a damaged 8


      1. Yeah but would Daniel Craig’s James Bond as a prototypical character really be a bad choice? Has his own demons but his behavour towards women seems ok to me, he’s there when there’s a problem etc. I know men with similar vibe. (A bit less of killer vibe tough:P) Assuming he would hang up his boots for good, of course. A friend of mine is like this, a suave gentleman/ childlike man and recently he was very surprised when girl gave him the serious talk you give on a date. He said to me “we just had one tea” and was puzzled and amused. Being 23, he probably isn’t at the stage where he’d go for it yet, but I don’t think he’d have much trouble sticking to his decision. Not sure though, you may be right he’d still keep girls on side which his wife would have to tolerate.


      2. The thing is that’s attractive and all and being stoic is important part of masculinity but im not looking for someone sauve. I already have trust issues with getting a man since I was cheated on before. I guess I wish it was simpler and men were more straightforward. I don’t want a super suave guy who gets tons of girls. I want a husband.


  3. You can still have a lots of common without religion. Or you can construct something together. You want a good man – but how much do you offer ? How much do you stand out ? That’s the big question. Cause you attract who YOU are . And the answer is more for yourself than me 😉

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