Being the right kind of sexy


I used to read the manosphere a lot and there would always be talk of ranking people’s SMV. Now, granted, I definitely took a lot of this to heart and instead of focusing on being cute and attractive, I wanted to be sexier.

I made sure that I had a battalion of low cut tops in my closet, tight body contour dresses, and flashy colors that honestly didn’t even look that great on me. In trying to be sexy, even though I might have raised by SMV, I don’t think I got any points for looking like I could be someone’s future wifey.

Really, what me and many women should focus on is being attractive but not necessarily sexy. You can be attractive without having major sex appeal and here’s how:

I figured out that girls get bonus points for looking good while being mostly covered. Now don’t get me wrong, I like to show skin but you have to do it the right way. Anyway, modesty doesn’t have to be boring. You don’t have to wear cardigans with knee-length dresses and tights with flats kind of like a girl you’d see at church (not that there’s anything wrong with that but that outfit is kind of bland in my opinion).

What I’m saying is, women shouldn’t dress with the intention of being sexy. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look good to the opposite sex because that’s important! But, when women dress with the intention of being sexy, a lot of times, we lose our femininity in doing so.

I used to think that wearing tight low cut skirts would raise my SMV because I did look sexier in them but I also realized that by being that kind of sexy, I was attracting the wrong kind of guy. Instead, if I had worn something classier, I probably would have looked better and attracted a better guy who wanted me for a lifetime. I wish I would have focused more on MMV (marriage market value) instead of SMV.

She’s super sexy but would a guy marry her? Probably not. She doesn’t look like wifey material
Sexy dress but I’m pretty doubtful I’d make a good first impression on my future husband if he saw me like this. This would be a better dress if we were already together and I wanted to impress him 🙂
She looks attractive, is smiling, seems approachable, and most people would think her outfit is cute. She definitely looks more like wifey material!

I noticed that when I wanted to be sexy, I made sure that low cut tops and tight clothes were the way to go but I felt like my clothes wasn’t classy-looking and I was going way too out of my way to appease a man.

Here are some great looks which I think look feminine, classy, elegant, and attractive. Even though it’s hard to do it all, it’s totally possible! You don’t have to cover up completely but you should dress nice.






Here are some things I’ve noticed about classy women and how they dress:

-Usually they’re covered up for the most part

-If they don’t cover a part of their body, there is only one part you can see but the rest of their bodies are covered up

-3/4th sleeves are elegant.

-a-line dresses are classic!

– Blouses are nice.

-Off the shoulder shirts are pretty!

-Covering up your knees when you’re wearing a dress can look more flattering

-Wearing heels can make a girl go from cute to sexy and can make a girly girl look more mature

-Flats can look good but usually only with fitted pants that go above the ankle

-If you’re petite framed, knee high boots are great and go with everything

-You don’t have to show off a ton to be “Sexy”

-Dressing pretty is memorable. Dressing sexy is not as much.

-Light blue denim jackets can look feminine if done right

-modesty does not have to be boring unless you want it to be








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7 thoughts on “Being the right kind of sexy”

  1. Regarding you being muscular: There is simply not an optimal hormonal environment for women to realise any noticeable gains anyway. All female bodyuilders with visible six pack and muscles that are a little bit too much are on steroids. So if we consider a lifetime potential, for men it could be 30 pounds of muscle gained assuming all is optimal, including potential. For women, half that much. Does 15 pounds gained over 20 years of optimal training, recovery, nutrition and legal supplementation sound like much? I don’t think so. This is why all women and men should train with the aim of gaining as much muscle as possible. Also, it will go like this: First year, 6 pounds. 2nd, 3 pounds, 3rd, 1.5 pound, 4th, 1 pound…
    Another point is, it doesn’t really matter what the amount of weight you lift. What matters is tension, stress, damage…not external weight. Your body doesn’t know what is the weight, it operates against resistance.

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  2. One possible way to choose clothing: If it could possibly be described as clubwear, then it’s not classy or elegant. Just search the internet for clubwear, and I think you’ll quickly see what I mean.

    Well, in the same way that low-cut tops are not classy, it is possible for skirts to be too short.
    Some of the skirt lengths in your examples border on being too short. For example, the first 2 on the 2nd row of photos. Also, the blue blouse/black skirt in the park is much too short, although perhaps it would be okay with leggings rather than darkish hosiery. And in the outfit with the black cap, top, and boots(?), the skirt is much too short. If you can see skin above boots that go over the knee, the skirt is too short. That’s my opinion.

    And, another possible way to choose clothing: Would your father or any brothers think it was acceptably modest?


    1. i get your point but I mean these girls still look attractive without showing off skin and looking blatantly sexual. in my book, they are modest because they are covered up and still look elegant and ladylike. even in the pic of the girl with the blue blouse, she still looks feminine, charming without screaming slut!!


    2. the thing with those skits though is they look fine on the girl in the picture however if it was on a girl with my body type which is curves then then it would look different. so body type plays a part in a womans choice of clothing


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