Women on social media


I’m not a big fan of social media. I barely use Facebook but when I began to and people started taking note of some of my pictures, people got more interested in me.

I’m not one to lie or exaggerate but I honestly had no idea how much of an impact social media has on a person’s perception of someone.

I’ve noticed a couple things:

If a girl posts tons of selfies and poor quality pictures at parties, lots of people will think she’s a hoe or an attention hoe at best. If a girl posts cute pictures once in a while that have quality, she tends to command more respect from other girls.

this girl is attractive and commands more respect than if she would have taken a selfie in that dress

Also, I’ve come to realize that some of the most sane girls have around 20-80 likes or so and tend to be prettier and more well-respected on average compared to girls who have 100+ likes. I know several girls who have 200-300 likes and even though it may seem they are well-liked on Facebook, a lot of girls discreetly shit on them or don’t really consider them as friends in real life. Lots of those girls also happen to be in sororities or just tend to post dumb stuff like photos of drinks, Marilyn Monroe quotes, pictures of their tattoos, or at bars, and with tons of random guys.

Likes really have nothing to do with attractiveness. A person who gets a lot of likes might be attractive but not all attractive people get a lot of likes. Getting a lot of likes is really a reflection of someone’s personality. 

In this digital day at age, even though I hate social media, I have gotten back into it and it’s a great marketing tool. Within seconds, you can shape someone’s perception of you.

I’ve used it to upload tons of pictures of my baking and cooking which is a hobby I genuinely love, pictures of me at bookstores, working out,  flowers, fencing stuff, random Turkish things, cute motivational sayings, and attractive portraits of myself and my family to promote my femininity and my life as a feminine women.

Here are two examples of two people’s Instagram pictures. Girl on the left looks like a self-absorbed hoe who likes to go out to bars and probably party. Girl on right albeit a housewife and a bit older looks happier, content, doesn’t post a whole lot of selfies, and seems feminine.Which one would you trust with your future children?

I never upload anything that would make anyone I know or myself look bad but at the same time, I don’t do anything like go out and drink or party a lot or talk to random guys at bars either in real life so my social media is a pretty accurate portrayal of my day to day life.

I don’t really believe social media should be used to hide your lifestyle and honestly. Most girls who act nice and innocent on there but aren’t like that in real life have to try pretty hard to not upload pics of themselves and their friends drunk (God forbid, she doesn’t get 100 likes on that terrible picture with the lo-fi filter!). Worse yet, those same girls go on Instagram or Facebook to brag about how drunk they were or take pictures with giant drinks or of how they got a new tattoo which reflects “a new life lesson” but really is just a poor mistake on their end.

I do know of girls who are very bitchy but on social media they act like complete angels, filter their pictures to make it look like aesthetic perfection, and complain where all the good men went. My advice to men is be wary of women who constantly posts pictures of her family or only talk about her family on special occasions like birthdays while they don’t really talk about them in person/don’t really care/seem really fake. Also, if she takes lots of selfies instead of pictures of things or other people, she probably has esteem issues or just thinks she is super hot or both.

At the end of the day, it is all about balance. There’s nothing wrong with a couple selfies or having social media but they’re terrible in excess. If you’re dealing with a damaged modern day woman who is probably not wifey material, look at her social media and see how she portrays herself. If she does so with grace, she might be girlfriend material but proceed with caution because it can just be a not so genuine way of her to promote herself.



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21-yr-old non-western red pill chick trying to make it out alive in the West.

5 thoughts on “Women on social media”

  1. Can you please tell me where you got the first picture from? I recognize the photo but I want to know her name as I have recently tracked a catfish using her picture as their profile pic. Thanks and please get back to me asap.


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