Why American Women Suck

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and have been wondering why older American women who are born and raised here tend to cut their hair short, why girls my age don’t like to wear heels and prefer their Converses, and why it’s easier for girls to look sexy instead of pretty these days.

Here’s what I’ve been noticing among my peers.

  1. American culture generally values comfort over anything when it comes to fashion which is why you’ll probably see a girl in yoga pants and sneakers instead of a nice dress and wedges. Also, most girls don’t wear much makeup because the “natural” to enhance natural beauty or over-the-top full on makeup look is very popular.
very feminine…not

2. American women constantly tell themselves that they don’t need a man and guess what? Most of us act like we don’t care either either by dressing sloppily, cursing a lot, and pursuing careers until we’re 30 instead of finding a family.


3. American women are very outspoken. I’ve noticed this a lot lately especially on social media. For example, when most American women go out, they take tons of pictures and usually post them without filtering out any of them for quality. Instead of taking and posting one good picture, a lot of women post everything and anything and it just looks trashy. Also, women love to share their opinion and aggressively vouch for it. On my Facebook, it seems the more damaged a woman seems, the more likes she gets. The sluttier, the more more bipolar, etc. seems to get the most attention.


4. American women always expect things and their sense of entitlement is huge. I have cousins who just graduated out of college and aren’t anything special and expect 6 foot tall doctors to be caring about them.


5. American women like to be like men. I know lots of women who curse a lot, watch lots of football or baseball to the point that they’d probably know as much as a man, and don’t mind being very open about how many partners they’ve had. Lots of them would rather wear Converses because of comfort. Now I was a tomboy until like 7th grade but I’d hope that women grow out of this. 635837918376539248-football1

6. American women are very honest about pretty much anything and really have no restraint. I can’t imagine what it’s like to date one because I can easily find out if a girl is on birth control and how high her partner count is because she told me (I didn’t even have to ask her).


7. American women don’t know how to be vulnerable and if they are, they do it in the worst way possible because we all are supposed to put on this front that we’re the best and better than men. Women aren’t taught to be vulnerable and are not conditioned to. Anyway how can we, when we’re getting like 200 likes on our profile pictures and the ego of the average American women is a lot larger than it should be. When they do seem to be vulnerable, they reveal strange things like “I have bipolar disorder” and other weird things that I’d rather not know unless I knew them very intimately either online or in person.


8. Lots of American women fight for pointless things like feminism and climate control. I don’t know if it’s my generation but whenever I hear women who are passionate about these causes, they end up stop taking care of themselves to devote their lives to their “passion”. It just all seems so weird to me when a girl who is my age cares more about having men and women be equal than something like finding their future husband, starting a family, looking nice, doing well in their classes, and believing in God.


9. American women generally have a terrible sense of style and most of what is promoted in stores in places like Forever 21 make women look trashy and not classy. I still don’t get how girls my age take pics of themselves in crop tops or even walk around in public. Also, lots of the trends like tomboy trend or the grunge trend or the hippie trend is not cute or attractive to most men. Also most of the trends promoted on Instagram that is liked by most women is absolutely horrifying and I cannot imagine most men being into that.


10. Most American women would rather bitch about something than do something about it or take the easy way out. I’ve seen lots of girls get liposuction instead of invest in a better diet, better clothes, and an exercise regimen that would serve them longer.


11. Most American women can’t take pleasure in the simple things in life because they want attention and they want it NOW. Lots of girls can’t appreciate how nice it is to cook good food or have a clean home or take care of their man because they’d rather take a selfie and get a 100 likes on a pic or because of their entitlement that comes with feminism.


12. Being thin or fit isn’t as well promoted here as being fat and out of shape. I have also noticed that lots of US women prefer cardio and don’t do weights out of fear of becoming bulky.


13. Most of them are secular or don’t believe in God at all.

14. Most of them believe that they have to be independent after they turn 18 and take care of themselves typically without the support of their families so a lot of them work and are focused on their career.


15. Most of them are on birth control and it’s not for their acne.



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21-yr-old non-western red pill chick trying to make it out alive in the West.

25 thoughts on “Why American Women Suck”

  1. I think one point to be careful about is fashion. Although modern fashion DOES lean a bit toward androgyny, it is important to bear in mind that styles vary from culture to culture and that, as long as men and women dress differently and to complement our figures, whatever it looks like, THAT is the masculine and feminine dress of our culture.


    Tribal Mongolian:


    Traditional Argentinian:


    Aboriginal Brazilian:


    Everyone everywhere dresses differently, and each of those women is in feminine clothes, just as each man is in masculine clothes.

    What our culture lacks is distinction. And for that, men need to lay off the fancy hipster hairdos and skinny jeans as much as women need to lay off baggy shirts and sweats. Or, you know, completely the other way around. Men could be the ones in tight tops and skinny jeans with awkward hair and women the ones in t-shirts and baggy jeans letting our hair grown long and wild and natural. As long as we have the distinction, that is what matters most for the survival of culture.

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    1. Full of crap trying to justify cross dressing women. Then pleae define the term “cross dressing”. Its simple, if the clothes can be taken off of the woman and put on a man and he doesnt look strange then she is cross dressing.. …Please stop with the mental gymnastics of trying to justify western female narcissism.


      1. So are skinny jeans men’s clothes or women’s? Neither sex looks strange in them. Is a pink button down shirt a man’s shirt? What if we flip which side the buttons are on? Schoolgirls and office workers both wear ties. Could you decisively tell the difference between a tunic and a dress, a kilt and a skirt, male and female jewellery? Our culture’s dress is androgynous, and what other cultures consider male or female is at odds with Western fashion. 😛


  2. I agree with you that we need to complement eachother but we also have another problem: women are dressing more like men and men are dressing like women. Even though they might in the future complement eachother in the reverse and we might have that distinction, we need people to stick to their gender roles as subscribed in pretty much any Abrahamic faith (Bible, Quran, Torah). Girls like me will never be attracted to a masculine man and I should not be expected to look like a man either because that’s degenerate. The point is, even with the distinction, we need a resurrection of traditional gender roles.

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  3. You’re most likely not even a woman but a retarded “conservative” dude-bro looking to vent on the net. Just another deluded IQ-80 guy with a longing for an imaginary version of the 50s because he can’t get laid. Sad!


    1. You ladies love saying that. Men are mad because they can’t get laid. Every woman that’s had me wasn’t good enough for me. They were lucky..


    2. There you go, now you’re either a simp who white knights and trashes men for it, or you’re one of those American women in the article. How is it desirable to call people a virgin, or their differing opinion means they ‘re pretending to be women. Thank you for exposing the problem.

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  4. It’s awesome to know that there are women like you who aren’t brainwashed by the media and trends. This gives me hope. This may be a bit off topic but what really disgusts me are white women dating and marrying black men. Feminism, miscegenation, abortion, low birth rates is the reason American and European populations are decreasing. I hate when white women/men sell out their own race. White men have really been getting tired of Western women and I don’t really blame them. I really do hope that white women can lot go of feminism because we’re better than that. We need to start emulating latino family values and make america great again through traditionalism. I myself plan on moving to a majority white state and starting a family with my white boyfriend the future. The survival of the white race should be a priority.

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      1. Oh shut the hell up and stop being a whiney cunt. You wouldn’t be able to even type that if it weren’t for white people.


  5. Well unfortunately they’re such very horrible creatures altogether now since they have no respect for us good men, no personality, no manors, very nasty when you try to start a conversation with the one that we would really like to meet. It is real fact that most of these type of women have a very severe mental problem as well which really speaks for itself right there.


    1. Truth, men like me have simply checked out, or only want sex from women because their personality makes them bitchy, they also have way too many options, it seems to me that if a woman is talking to a guy online, she’s talking to 20 other guys, guys that are ready to hop in the bed with her no matter who she’s been with as long as we get ours, its just impossible to find a western woman that hasn’t been ruined by feminism.


  6. Just look at how many pathetic low life loser women that we have out there nowadays that like to sleep around with all different kinds of men all the time since they just don’t know how to commit to just only one man anymore. And they just don’t have any respect at all for us good men when we will try to start a normal conversation with the one that we would really like to meet since they will even Curse at us for no reason at all. Unfortunately we have so many very mentally disturbed women that are really complete Psychos altogether now and are very extremely dangerous as well. It is very obvious why many of us good men are still single today and many of us will go MGTOW all the way now because of these losers.

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  7. Is this post a satire? Some of your comments are rather ignorant. Is there a problem with birth control? And so what if a woman NEVER wants a family?


    1. Totally not satire. Birth control is just so that hoes don’t have to deal with the consequences. All women want families but culturally, it’s not acceptable to lead a life where you’re not a basic bitch and actually have standards.


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