Baking for summer

I think summer is a great time to learn new recipes. I’m pretty busy studying for the MCAT and organic chemistry, but here are some desserts I have tried and I am going to try:

  Apple Pie 


I’ve made this to perfection. Williams Sonoma has a great recipe and this is pretty easy to make if you have a Kitchen Aid Mixer. I’m still learning how to make the criss cross pattern look perfect.

Coffee Crumb Cake


I’m kind of a sweet tooth and this recipe from The Pioneer Woman is really good. I think you can get away with adding less sugar but I’ll definitely come back to this recipe.

 Peach Cobbler


I’ve been wanting to try this Southern recipe for a while and I can’t wait to! I’ll be using this recipe since it seems simple.

French Macarons


I’ve been wanting to make these for a while but I’ve never had almond flour since it’s so expensive. Also, egg whites are really fickle and I try to avoid using them as much as possible because they’re annoying to work with. Here’s a great recipe from Indulge with Mimi that I plan on using

Pear Almond Tart 


I like the idea of this but I’m unsure as to how it will taste so we’ll see. I can’t wait to try it out. I don’t like overly sweet things but it seems like a classic so I cannot wait to see what happens. I’ll be using Smitten Kitchen‘s recipe since it seems like she definitely knows what’s up.


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21-yr-old non-western red pill chick trying to make it out alive in the West.

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