Understanding the “bitchy” chick


Earlier, I tweeted that bitchy women tend to be higher quality.

Hear me out, here.

Being bitchy is annoying. Don’t get me wrong but it’s a total turnoff. I’m all for being nice and not having an attitude.

But, some of the bitchiest woman I know are dating some of the highest quality guys. They also tend to be some of the prettiest girls at my college. They’re the ones who are considered bitchy by American society for judging people and having high standards but honestly with all the Kardashian trash out there, being a little judgy doesn’t hurt. They’re the ones who take an extra hour in the morning to get ready, might even wear heels, and like things done properly. They might even come off as a cold Russian girl or be a cold Russian girl. Who knows. She might even be the girl who doesn’t open up too quickly and might not be easy. This can be a good thing if you’re looking for your future wifey.

In America, it almost seems as if being a bitch means being attractive, pretty, confident, sexy, and smart. Most girls at my university are deemed as bitchy if they don’t take a million selfies, aren’t basic, have standards, don’t sleep around, and aren’t walking around in a pair of sweats and a Starbucks frappacino in their left hand. Honestly, if you ask me, in that situation, being bitchy isn’t a bad thing.

Bitchy women who aren’t really bitchy but have a reputation for having high standards in the US are honestly screwed over for not being fun or loose.

I also feel like bitchiness is a way of women pre-screening men. Bitchy women who have high standards for themselves expect that for the men they want and most betas would be too scared to date, most alphas wouldn’t bother wasting there time, so they end up with a decent man who has a nice mix of beta/alpha qualities. I guess that’s natural selection for ya.

If you’re looking for your future wife, give the girl with the “bitchy” reputation a chance. She might just end up just having high standards and not be a bitch. Ironically enough, all the basic girls are really just judging her for not being basic like them.  But if she treats you like crap, then yeah, dump her. She’s the wrong kind of bitch.



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21-yr-old non-western red pill chick trying to make it out alive in the West. Pro-life. Pro gun. I can be sweet and salty. 50s lover.

2 thoughts on “Understanding the “bitchy” chick”

  1. Guys also need to understand that women form social cliques and that often rumours become truth from clique to clique. The nerdy clique says the posh clique are all whores, because one nerd said so, and it becomes truth. The posh clique says the nerdy clique are all dim, because one posh girl said so, and it becomes truth. The most popular clique dictates the way the others are perceived. And girls outside cliques… Well, as an introverted tomboy I have been officially delcared: the class slut, a virgin, a candidate for nunnery, a rabid atheist, a rabid Catholic, a rabid Protestant, a goth, a skater, dumb, “too smart”/autistic, violent, a criminal, a little pushover, etc. And this isn’t just in high school, this continues throughout life. If you are friendly with women, but do not join their clique, you are suspicious. If you are unfriendly to a woman whose clique you do not belong to, she gets defensive or even aggressive and tries to wreck you. It’s natural social order: women like society, civilization, stability. And women outside their cliques are a threat to society. Thus, don’t trust what women from conflicting cliques say about each other. Chances are the “bitch” rumour was spread about the posh, preppy, socialite clique by the homely, sweet, studious clique. :p

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  2. It all boils down to appreciating female nature: once we truly internalized our understanding of these tendencies, the conventionally bitchy women don’t become bitches after all. Still, hold your frame when being confronted with one of them. This is where being stubborn actually comes in handy. 😉


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