American Women are Delusional


I’ve come to the fact that most American women are, dare I say, somewhat delusional?

Now, hear me out here. Before you start calling me names, I’ll let you know that I’m not totally insane.

And I’ll admit to it myself, I used to be pretty delusional myself. I’m not as bad anymore, but I have my moments.

When you’re getting hundreds of likes for a sub par profile picture on Facebook while most men on average are probably getting 10-20 (if that even), you’re going to think pretty highly of yourself and you probably won’t question yourself.

Self-confidence is good. Loving yourself is good.

But we need to be realistic with ourselves.

There’s a difference.

So if you think you’re a 10/10, unless your name is Candice Swanepoel or some other Victoria’s Secret model and you’re reading my blog, you’re probably living in your own little world and you NEED to keep reading.

Still don’t get what I’m talking about?

Ask yourself this:

When was the last time you were critiqued by a man about your looks, appearance, and the way you carry yourself?

If you’re a woman living in America, this has probably never happened to you. That’s because if a guy did that, he would be in big, big trouble.

Also, ask yourself this:

When was the last time you critiqued your own looks, appearance, and the way you carry yourself?

If you’re a young lady and never have had to critique yourself because all you hear is positive stuff 24/7, you are probably living your life as a lie. Luckily enough, we can fix this.

It’s unfortunate that most men in America these days can’t even critique a girl without having his masculinity in some way shape or form insulted.

Don’t believe me, still?

When Kanye West made fun of Amber Rose for sleeping around a lot, her response wasn’t “Hey, knock it off, bud!” or “I’m not a slut!” (even those are mild compared to what she actually said). Instead she went on to insult Kanye’s masculinity. Bad move! Very unfeminine!


Still don’t believe me?

When Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman”, most American women decided to embrace it and make art exhibits to raise money for Planned Parenthood, which kills babies (but shh, it’s a zygote so it doesn’t matter, right. WRONG!).

Women wanted to be nasty and identified that way. How unfeminine have we become? Even though at times, our President Donald Trump might use caustic language, why would I ever want to be a nasty woman?

Even Elizabeth Warren co-opted the term “nasty woman” and associated it with being tough, smart, and ones who vote.


To be honest, I would NEVER want to be a nasty woman. Who cares about being strong or looking like Liz Warren who comes off as a bitter, career woman.

The worst part is, is that this all has a trickle down effect when it comes to dating. Men and women in America are now more hostile towards each other. Men now have to be politically correct while women just benefit from the system since they are beginning to have more control than ever.

It’s gotten so bad that this probably would happen if a guy critiqued a girl about her weight in America:

Daniel: Wow, you’re a couple pounds overweight. Don’t you think you should lose some of it?


Daniel: Well, sorry! I just thought it’d be good for your health.

Becky: *throws glass of water at him and exits bar to have a wine night with Maddie, Christine, and Lauren so they can talk about how much they hate men*

Becky could have just been not as aggressive but instead threw a temper tantrum which is pretty immature. The ideal thing Becky could have done is listened to Daniel and take his advice. Her submitting to the fact that a man wants a thinner woman and yielding to him is quite feminine.

Let’s face it, ladies: being a woman in America has become a lot easier.

Guys  don’t expect that much stuff from us. And when they do, we lash out at them for it. Now, don’t get me wrong, if a guy is being an asshole to you for no reason, dump him. But if he wants you to look nice, be thin, and pretty that’s not a lot to ask for.

When you have hideous creatures like Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer (which literally no one finds funny by the way)  roaming around being praised for pretty much just existing, we begin to lose sight of our value.

Here was 2016’s Pirelli calendar featuring Amy Schumer and Serena Williams. I’ve never met any woman or man who finds either of them attractive but because their female bodies have become normalized, we are now forced to accept them without critiquing them. There is nothing wrong with either of their bodies except the fact that as women in America, we are forced to accept that these are what women should aspire to.



Amy Schumer looks horrendous. First of all, she’s naked so I’m already not a fan but the fact that she has fat rolls is even more gross. She comes off as immodest and masculine.

In the past, we’ve had world-class, gorgeous 6 ft tall models including Gisele Bundchen, Miranda Kerr, Heidi Klum and others. These girls are stunning and have impeccable bodies.

Heidi Klum seems nice and feminine and shy while Amy Schumer looks like she could careless about having fat rolls. Gross!

Being naked isn’t that feminine anyway but Heidi Klum’s approach to it is more feminine than Amy’s.

So the real question is, how can we as American women fix our flaws? Well, first of all, we have to understand that yes, we do have flaws. They exist.

I’ve had over 30 guys message me or reply to me about things they just don’t like about us. Some of these things may apply to you and others might not. There’s a lot of truth in this but get ready for some criticism.

Common Complaints American Men have for American Women

“Narcissistic “

“I like girls who are smart, enjoy girly shit, aren’t vulgar, and want to support me, not compete with me.”

“They are uncultured”

“Low self esteem, no father figures, no standards”

“Needing too many facebook affirmations and not forming real support groups of friends.”

“Really dumb”

“They actually believe a career will be more fulfilling than being a wife and mother.”

“Sleep around a lot”

“They’re barely in their teenage years and already consider themselves as grown women. Wisdom comes with books not with sleeping around”

“Most of them are brainwashed by feminism”

“They have manly voices”

“Sloppy appearance and swearing”

“Women were taught and praised to be proper, clean, elegant and now they don’t have to anymore”

“They don’t respect me”

“Too much makeup”

“Bad skin and are heavy set”

“Aren’t committed to men,need a new guy all the time”

“Spends too much time on Tinder, Bumble, Facebook”

“Girls lead me on when they’re already in relationships or married and waste my time”

“They don’t act like they need me.”

“Too fat and don’t care about their weight”

“They have a strong sense of entitlement and lack humility”


“Do not compromise with me”

“Do not listen to me”

“They can’t cook or clean so why should I bother?”

“I am a successful man. All I want is someone who can take care of the home and take care of me”

I know this might be a shock to some of you but if you made it to this point, I’m happy for you. A little criticism can go a long way.

Now, we can now start on the next step: self-improvement and fixing everything.


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21-yr-old non-western red pill chick trying to make it out alive in the West.

18 thoughts on “American Women are Delusional”

  1. Nice topic, and you raise some very interesting points.

    Most women in America experience the attention from thirsty men, which happens to be what an astronomical number of men are, some just try to hide it better. Ex. The hundreds of likes on a sub par profile picture. Women aren’t thirsty like men are so that’s why a man with the same quality of profile picture is only going to get a few likes in comparison.

    These American women are sometimes criticized by men, but usually only when they reject him. Or when a man feels he stands no chance with her and she’s out of his league. That’s when you’ll see a man publicly criticize women, but that’s usually out of spite and jealousy rather than out of honesty. Men often have genuine criticizing thoughts of women they find particularly unattractive, but they often shy away from being public about it in fear of seeming cruel and receiving backlash against the harsh comments.

    So in receiving criticism from men, we must ask ourselves the motive. Are they being honest or are they being catty?

    One problem I think American women have is that they care too much what people think, particularly people who have ten times the amount of flaws that they do. For example, Kanye West has countless flaws that he should be working on himself. Who is he to poke his nose in anyone’s business? Criticism from him should mean nothing to anyone. He’s just being nosy and catty and that is a small part of his own personal flaws. His opinion has no value. Amber Rose should have ignored him and at most, laughed at him.

    Instead, women still care too much and are finding extreme ways to deal with it. Women has lost the authority over their own selves and are allowing themselves to be offended by people who have no business interfering in their psyche. Instead it should go like this.

    Daniel: Wow, you’re a couple pounds overweight. Don’t you think you should lose some of it?

    Becky: No, I’m just fine thank you. You might want to work on minding your own business though. Have a nice day.

    I’m all for self improvement, but we must be the ones to decide for ourselves what to improve. We can’t possibly please everyone. We are forgetting that as women, WE define our own femininity. Men define their own masculinity. We define femininity. We must never give men too much value in defining that for us. Men have every right to find the women they want, of course but not every woman has to be *that*woman.

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    1. of course, ever girl is going to be different and no, you can’t please everyone but you can definitely please most men by being feminine, cute, being thin, and knowing how to cook and clean. A big part of femininity is pleasing men. It’s crazy to think otherwise.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. i agre, i mean why else are womens clothing designed the way the are. curve hugging jeans ,love cut shirts – our clothing is telling me to look at our figure

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      2. In my experience, the best way is by living life in a way that pleases you first and him secondarily. Men don’t like women who break their backs to please him just for the sake of pleasing him. They can tell when it’s fake. Men love women who enjoy living a good and healthy life that they chose for themselves.

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      1. well, depending the sport determines the body shape as well as genetics. As a female myself, body size i am not petite and i will never have a body like heidi klum – beyonce yes ,heidi – no.

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      2. well maybe not thin cause know matter how hard one exercises, not one will be thin. so its better to say stay fit


  2. When it comes to criticism of women’s appearance or anything else, television sitcoms come to mind. Whether it’s everybody loves raymond, simpsons, or even back to the honeymooners in the 60s – the idea of an out of shape idiot man married to an intelligent beautiful woman who has to “parent” him has continued for over 50 years! The man is consistently

    1) grotesque
    2) a mess
    3) low income
    4) an idiot with no impulse control

    etc. etc.

    can one imagine if women were portrayed the same on these shows what outrage we would have? how this is keeping down young women? there is this concept that men are a burden upon society. the laziness, the gluttony, the idiocy, etc. I’m not a part of the MGTOW movement, far from it, but I can say that when those same men remove themselves from this “burdening” position society has projected on them, it kinda makes sense.

    It seems we are coming full circle; almost as if it is a parody of what has gone on for the past fifty years, where grotesque character traits & appearances are being aggrandized in women, as they have been in men.


  3. There are definitely men who find Serena Williams attractive, most likely due to her gigantic ass. I partially get it, her butt is amazing but the rest of her is so…mannish. It’s not just that her physique is bulky but her face has a masculine look. There are women like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez who have big butts but are also feminine and pretty. I certainly understand wanting a chick with an ass but she has to have a cute face too.

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  4. I will marry you. I will do this as soon as the laws in this country change. Since that isn’t happening anytime soon we can get married to each other on our own and where we want without a legal contract and that might even mean eloping and not listening to anyone else’s opinion. This sounds both romantic and sane. Who would have thought those two words could go together 🙂


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