Roosh Was Right About DC


Four years ago, I got into a top college in DC with a scholarship.

I was on the wait list for Wellesley, a liberal feminist’s wet dream, but in retrospect, I’m glad I didn’t get in or this blog would not exist. Who knows? Maybe, I would be ten times uglier or even have short blue hair. Even thinking about it makes me want to vomit.

Obviously, as a 17-year-old girl I was excited to leave my home and start somewhere new just like every other American kid. I won’t lie though; I was practically a baby. I only knew how to bake vanilla cakes from scratch which was a useless skill to have since I did not even have a kitchen my freshman year. Oh, and I knew that I had to separate my whites from my colored clothes when doing laundry.


My father wasn’t happy for obvious reasons and my parents really wondered if I could survive here with all the drinking, partying, drugs, and boys, of course. I somehow convinced them that I would be able to live in a city on my own without them even against my father’s will. My mom supported me though but she’s definitely more of a liberal when it comes to these kinds of things.

So off I went.

At the time, I was somewhat familiar with Return of Kings because I had come across this guide to rate girls from this article which I found on the MISC section of Don’t ask me why I was into MISC but the idea of being able to see and read the thoughts of guys was pretty cool since I never even went on a date with a guy in high school or really had any male friends.


I had read a couple of articles on RoK like this one and this one after doing a quick Google search on DC. I just figured RoK was a clickbait website and didn’t take it too seriously. And at the time, I had no idea who this Roosh guy was but he seemed like a Persian troll to me.

I went into DC with an open mind even after reading those articles but a lot of things he has said are true.

Even though I am in college, I’ve met tons of people who live around here who are older or in the area.

The Guys 


Personally, I don’t think the guys are that bad if you’re into white guys who have a preppy style (think Vineyard Vines, Ralph Lauren, boat shoes) or men who regularly wear an ill-fitted suit and tie (suits are still kinda sexy if they don’t fit). I’ve also seen lots of younger men have a hipster style (think big glasses, tight jeans, weird hair) which I’m not really into around U Street, Adams Morgan, and at American/GWU.

The guys can be fratty prepsters who look like they are working or want to work at a big law firm. Some other guys look like beta shitlibs. I wasn’t really a fan of either look to be honest.

The guys here aren’t as well-dressed as the ones I know of in NYC but it’s not the most important thing that I look for when considering a guy. Again, it varies.

A lot of the guys are unfortunately feminine but I don’t think that’s exclusive to DC. It’s just that a lot of them support things like abortion and being pro-choice and aren’t conservative or know how to use a gun. Also, gay culture is pretty big here and there’s tons of gay men in Dupont Circle.

Finding masculine men is as hard as it is to find a feminine woman and the people who do seem to fit their traditional gender roles are internationals (think au pairs, ambassadors, tourists) or military guys who are unfit for long-term relationships, unfortunately.

PUA or pick-up artist scene here is definitely a thing.  I’ve been asked several times by random men on the street doing day game if they wanted to date me.  Obviously, I knew what they were up to so I declined politely and several even admitted to having a goal of meeting “100 women”. I’ve also seen some of them hanging around Saturday afternoon by the Dupont Circle fountain (not sure if that’s there meet up place) but just sayin’.

Personally, that’s fine with me. It’s good that there are men who want to improve their dating skills and I won’t judge ’em for it but dating a PUA is not for me. They can play their game with someone else 😉

The Girls 


On the other hand, the girls here are super liberal and create a noxious environment for everyone which is why I don’t really hang out with them. I had no idea how many of these women are so passionate about social justice issues none of which I’m that into. Then again, this is DC and people come here thinking they’ll change the world so I guess it’s idiotic to think otherwise.

Every time I go to the Hill, the women look like miserable career chicks doing the 9 to 5 grind. I rarely ever see girls here smile and they don’t really look too good in their all black pantsuits either.

Coming from NYC, the women and men here are not as attractive nor try to be. Girls here care more about the white man killing off Native Americans than what’s on sale in the makeup section at CVS. I rarely ever see well-dressed people unless they’re going out to a formal nor do the girls wear makeup or heels. They  just don’t look feminine when they choose to wear LuluLemon yoga pants or their oversized, Canada Goose jackets which are in style now. It’s more about brands and labels than it is about looking like a girl – something I never really liked about DC women.

Even when girls do go out, I feel like a lot of them look trashy in their weird dresses with cutouts and crop tops they bought from Forever 21.

A lot of the girls I know here have evolved. They’ve gone from being somewhat girly, somewhat awkward teenagers to having tattoos and getting piercings in their 20s. Also, I’ve noticed that a lot of girls hipster or not have a nose ring. It’s just weird.

In the summer time, it is not as bad since I see more girls wearing dresses but a lot of them choose to wear t-shirt and shorts with flip flops. Personally, I don’t like wearing flip flops because it looks sloppy and would rather wear wedges, at least if not heels!

The only thing that I like here is that everyone seems to be physically active and by that I mean, everyone does a lot of cardio or runs. I barely ever see fat people but I do see lots of skinny fat people who aren’t exactly fit or fat. It’s not bad though.

The Dating Scene


Dating here is kind of a mess and varies a lot. I’ve seen men with 0 social skills or “game” give out their business cards to girls thinking they would be impressed because they work at some law firm on K Street. It’s kind of pathetic how dating can be treated like a business transaction but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

I’ve seen just as many unenthusiastic women who literally hate men and feel like they deserve Channing Tatum to ask them out on a date in Georgetown. There’s more women to men and DC has the highest female to male ratio in the country which should make it more competitive for women but in reality, girls here don’t really try and guys probably have given up at this point.

Getting married before 25 in DC is pretty weird and generally not a good thing because grrrrl power. I don’t know how many my own friends told me I was crazy for wanting to settle down at 21.

Tinder here is pretty big. I don’t know about the other dating apps but if you’re a girl, there’s lots of military guys on there. Lots of girls that I know of hook up with guys on the app since meeting people in DC is kinda hard if you’re a girl with like 1000 gay guy friends.

I’ve also noticed that a lot of people here don’t seem to prioritize dating as much because if you’re young, you’re expected to care more about your career. DC definitely does attract career women who think they do not need a man. These same women end up becoming 30 or worse yet, 40 sitting next to me in a coffee shop asking their girlfriend where all the good men went. I never know if I should feel bad for them or not.

I was pretty surprised to meet girls with such high number counts. I’m graduating college and although most of my friends haven’t really been in a relationship. Most of them have gone out on dates or just hooked up with guys but it was never anything serious. If you’re a young woman, I’d date older guys (not exclusively a DC thing of course) because you would probably have better luck with them.

Also, if you can, get out of DC and date people who either live in DC permanently or in Maryland or Virginia if you want something more stable. I always felt like a lot of young people my age are always on the move or in DC for an internship on the Hill, their government job, or because they go to college here which wasn’t the greatest for a relationship. The timing wasn’t great but I guess that’s life.

I’ve seen lots of interracial couples here. DC is definitely way more liberal than NYC. I’ve never had issues going out on dates with people of other races and I’ve been complimented more often than not for being with someone of another race. If that’s your thang, you might find a lucky someone here.

The Social Justice Warriors


SJWs ruin everything.

These days, I can’t even go on Facebook without scrolling through rants about the wage gap, how Mr. Whitey has so much privilege, or how birth control is a super important woman’s health issue.

I mean, I don’t know about you guys but I go on Facebook to look at pictures of my friends and cute dogs at the local animal shelter. I’m not there for politics. Unfortunately, after going to a super liberal university for four years, everyone feels the need to say something because they’re social justice warriors.

Here’s some examples of what I have to put up :

Some girl ranting about why she’s pro-choice.
It’s gonna suck when you’re only making $150k and he’s making $155k
I don’t really even know what she’s talking about but I think she probably hates white people

I don’t even bother going on Facebook to look at pics of my friends because so many of them take low quality pics of themselves drunk at Sign of the Whale (a local bar) or have cut their hair so short that they’ve literally become ugly.

Why would I want to see any of this? Although I’ll admit that I lowkey do like to see feminists self-destruct even though some of my classmates are ugly now 😦

Anyway, I can’t wait to leave this crazy leftist paradise. It’s been hell for me.


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21-yr-old non-western red pill chick trying to make it out alive in the West.

10 thoughts on “Roosh Was Right About DC”

  1. This stuck out to me:

    or have cut their hair so short that they’ve literally become ugly.

    It really is true that woman’s hair is her glory. So many women underestimate how much femininity and grace they can add to themselves simply by growing out their hair.

    Great read. Just gave you a follow on twitter to keep up with your stuff.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Wellesley College!? Holy schnikes…what the heck were you thinking!? Massachusetts – specifically Amherst & Northampton – is a breeding ground for churning out SJWs & Feminists. Driving through Amherst or Northampton feels like a movie scene from”Children of the Corn”. 🙂

    Came across your blog via Gmac’s Twitter, which led me to one of your tweets that took me to this post.

    A couple of comments.
    1. “A lot of the guys are unfortunately feminine…”. You are exactly correct in your assessment. Unmanly and effeminate guys can often be found in Liberal cities and/or states.

    2. “Finding masculine men is as hard as it is to find a feminine woman…”. You most likely won’t find many masculine men in Liberal cities you mentioned. It is safe to say that non-Liberal cities, towns or states do have high percentage of masculine men. (Texas, for example.)

    3. “…and the people who do seem to fit their traditional gender roles are internationals…” Exactly correct. As someone who travels to Europe frequently, specifically the former USSR like Ukraine and Russia, most young girls dream of getting married at a very young age to start a family. There is nothing wrong with wanting to get married young, then start popping out babies to raise a family. 🙂 (My late father married my mother when she was only 20 to start a family.)

    Good post. Will check up on your blog for new posts from time to time.


    1. Yeah I mean Wellesley used to be a place for women to find their future hubby at MIT. Not so much anymore. But, I like the idea of it. Not the feminist part so much.

      As for the men, they’re not nearly as bad as the women. I think a lot of them don’t truly practice what they preach and do it to appease the woman or are scared to sound un-PC. You can bring out the non-PC side if you do it right.

      Thanks for reading.


  3. Good article. Some of this reminds me why I’m glad I’m not at university- luckily I graduated just before the “social justice” movement really took off but I think I’d go crazy if I was on campus now. I agree about feminine men too- unfortunately London is exactly the same! Good luck with dating and finding what you are looking for.

    Liked by 1 person

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