Wear Heels. Just do it.


I was feeling crappy today. Didn’t want to get out of bed. Woke up with the sniffles. The last thing I wanted to do was wear my nude Steve Madden heels.

But I did it anyway.

I thought people were going to judge me and think I was a bitch. I mean, maybe they did think that but at least I was a “bitch” with good shoes.

I got up. Slipped on my pair of nude heels and headed to class. Mind you, these are the heels I wear to formals and social gatherings not something I would wear for casual occasions.

Got into the elevator. Girl next to me looked slightly intimidated but impressed. They were more willing to ask me which floor I was going to while guys seem to hold the door for me more often. As I walked around campus, guys definitely glanced more and smiled.

Wearing heels definitely makes you the center of attention.

One girl even came up to me while I was on line waiting for my food and asked me where I got my shoes from. It’s a good conversation starter and girls will look up to you. Feminine girls will come up to you and you will attract them like a magnet.

Guys will like you because you look like you actually cared about appearance and seem more dateable than a girl wearing an old pair of Lululemon’s. Just remember that men are not intimidated by well-dressed women.

I think a lot of American people in general prioritize comfort instead of fashion. This isn’t really exclusive to women either. It also explains why brands like Orvis, Uggs, Patagonia, North Face, Vineyard Vines, Ralph Lauren, Nike, Levi’s, and New Balance are popular. They appeal to people who are practical and rarely ever would think they need to wear 5-inch-heels when running around doing errands.


I mean I get it. I like wearing neon sneakers and Nike leggings too. It just makes life easier.

But, I think heels are fun.

They make me walk slowly even though many working women are in a rush and feel more feminine and carefree. They make me worry less about the 3 pm meeting which will probably be a snoozefest and more about how I look in public. Heels also make me feel more self-conscious and vulnerable to men.

I rarely ever see girls wear heels unless they’re on their way to an interview, at a formal work thing, or at a club. Most American girls don’t just get up and wear heels just because. There’s always a reason. That kinda sucks the fun out of wearing them because it’s not spontaneous anymore.


And many don’t wear the sexy kind or can properly walk in 2+ inch heels. They’re like kitten heels or whatever. Lame. But hey, I’ll take some heel over no heel, most of the time.

I guess, not everyone is as lucky as me but I’ve been wearing heels since I was 13-years-old. I started off with one inch heels and can now easily wear heels that are four to five inches in the daytime with zero issues. Even in high school, I wore boots with three inch heels while the other girls came in with flat boots or Doc Martens and they thought i was crazy.

If you’re changing up your wardrobe, heels are a good thing. Sure, they’re painful and annoying to walk in but it’s worth the benefits you get from the aura you create.

So, if you’re ever having a bad day. Slip on a pair of heels and wear a Dr. Scholl’s insert if you have to. They might seem impractical and you might feel like you don’t need to be wearing them but it will boost your self esteem even if people think you’re crazy for dressing up.

Trust me.



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21-yr-old non-western red pill chick trying to make it out alive in the West.

11 thoughts on “Wear Heels. Just do it.”

  1. i have heels, some are a chunky heel and some are a baby heel. however even with those i still cant walk in them, i look like a baby deer learning to walk, so i just dont wear them at all


    1. Start wearing them a little bit every day. Takes practice. Go out in them for 20 minutes, then an hr, etc. You will grow comfy. And if you don’t buy a Dr. Scholl’s insert for when you have to wear them for more than an hr.

      You might look awkward at first but we’ve all been there. Don’t let them judge you.

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  2. I agree that they can look great, and make a woman’s legs look great, but wearing them a lot over the course of years often leads to a host of physical ailments. Not my opinion, but medical fact. Back surgery, bunion surgery, and knee surgery are not worth it.

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    1. I wear them 3-4 days a week. You can buy comfy heels or even wear block heels on boots. Also, girls can just walk around in them and bring a pair of flats to wear at work. I mean who’s looking under the table anyway. It’s more practical. I don’t know anyone who needed surgery because they wore heels.


  3. Well, you’re 21! I’m in my 50s and I know a lot of women who’ve had surgery because of bunions and knee issues. It also throws your back out of whack. I’ve had back surgery and knee surgery, and I can’t wear 4″ heels or higher for anything more than a dinner out, so that I can sit a lot! 3-4 days per week sounds pretty good, though.

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    1. Yeah that’s true. When I talk about heels im not necessarily don’t even have to pencil heels. Even wedges that are super comfy and have 0 issues w/ pain. Comfy heels are hard to find but they aren’t meant to be worn for long periods of time either. That’s why I switch em out when I’m working but go in them from class to class.


  4. My comment seems to have disappeared, but I said that I’m not surprised you don’t know any women like that because you’re so young. I’m in my 50s, and I know a lot of women who’ve had foot surgery, and some who’ve had knee surgery, either because of high heels or because high heels aggravated their underlying conditions.

    I just skimmed your blog, too, and I was amazed to see that you don’t believe in dating, because neither I nor my husband did, either. Both of us just wanted to find the right person and settle down, otherwise, what was the point? So, what I want to say is don’t give up hope, it can and does happen, and you don’t have to sleep around, either.

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