Lessons I Learned from Entitled Feminists like Dalia Mogahed

The lovely Dalia Mogahed with her smug Muslim feminism thought it was cute to post this gem on Facebook yesterday:


Apparently, there are 2,300 or so women roaming around Facebook who liked this post. Honestly, I don’t blame them.

Facebook is a giant circlejerk for women who love to compliment each other on getting that graduate degree because they don’t need no man. And let’s not forget that girl who always bitches about how that creepy construction worker winked at her which was really “sexually assault”.

God forbid a man actually found you attractive! So you’re going to complain about being too sexy and guys are still the problem?  Hmm.

Let’s get something straight: there’s nothing wrong with a guy finding you attractive and there’s definitely no reason to hate on men for liking you. Be happy that you someone even found you attractive and be grateful for your youth and beauty.

I have major issues with Dalia and most feminists.

The reality of the situation is that feminism is not about anything but power. Feminism is most certainly about capitalizing off being a victim and then emasculating the same men who have helped them become more than victims.

It’s a trap and there’s no winning when it comes to feminism. If you think otherwise, you’ve been duped.

If you insult women like Dalia, they’ll hate you for it and it will empower them to become more feminist

If you support their charade, these same women will emasculate you for it and still wonder where all the “good men” went (you know, the same douche bags that would give them 0 time of day for being feminists).

Even though times have changed, our human needs have not.

Women have been fooling each other into thinking their degrees from college can make a guy hard, short hair is sexy, and gaining more than a couple pounds is okay because you know being a CEO is way more important than looking good.


As women will become more powerful, their needs will not change. Women will continue to expect their men to provide. I’ve met women in their 30s who are making lots of money and they still want their men to make even more money. Get a girl who makes 200k out of college and she’ll want someone who makes 250k a year. Crazy, I know.

Another problem with Dalia’s way of thinking is how she says all these women are “amazing”. Sounds pretty entitled to me. Maybe to Dalia, they are amazing because being “amazing” means having a 9 to 5, and being a strong, independent college-educated women. There’s lots of women like that around the world especially in America. That’s pretty generic and standard.

But are they nice? Are they fun to be around? Do they smile? Do they even take care of themselves? Are they genuinely pleasant people? Can they even cook or clean? Do they even know how to raise a kid or change a diaper?

I’m surrounded by these girls in college and they’re a drag to be around.


Even I can’t stand being around girls who talk about politics 24/7, swear like a man, and think making money is way more important than starting a family as soon as they finish college. I couldn’t imagining marrying one or even worse, having to have sex with one.

Sometimes, a girl like me just wants to talk about girly stuff like who the cute boys in my class are, what color I should get for my next manicure, and whether I should adopt a lamb or a pig because baby animals are cute.

Is this a thought crime?

Nah. I’m not apologizing for anything.

I honestly feel bad for all these entitled ladies out there who think they deserve a man because they spent thousands of dollars on multiple degrees which is pretty meaningless in the grand scheme of things like one’s happiness.


Masculine men don’t care about the piece of paper you get when you graduate or where you got it from or the amount of hours you spent trying to get there. Masculine men don’t fear successful, intelligent women because well, they’re men.

And the only men that do care about what women are doing or saying are pussywhipped and are the same ones that probably don’t even exist in the eyes of women like Dalia hence the “problem” she clearly is witnessing. No man seems good enough for her or the women around her so she has to emasculate and degrade them for her own gain.

I used to be a slave to my emotions and thought I had it all because I go to a pretty good college. I used to expect men to like me more because of that.

Even though going to a good college and getting an education is a privilege that I’m fortunate to say that I have, there’s more to life.

Being an entitled lady gets you nowhere, Dalia.


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21-yr-old non-western red pill chick trying to make it out alive in the West.

4 thoughts on “Lessons I Learned from Entitled Feminists like Dalia Mogahed”

    1. Arranged marriage works and I don’t understand why it is viewed so negatively in the West. I believe 90% of ppl who get set up that way, don’t end up divorcing. My parents had one. They’re still together 31 years.


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